5 Influential “Gold Diggers”

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In my previous post I shared with you that the desire of PropheticMama is to search for hidden treasure – the treasure of YOU! Today I’d love to share with you 5 Influential “Gold Diggers” whom God has used to impact my life in profound ways. I believe they will be of a major encouragement for you as well.

By the end of this article, my hope is for you to have a better idea of your own worth as well as the realization that you belong to the Kingdom of God and were created to reign with Him.

Gold Digger #1: Heidi Baker

Radically saved and called by God, Heidi Baker left her upscale neighbourhood in California in exchange for a life spent “gold mining” in literal ash heaps across the world. She was often found in the garbage dumps of Mozambique rescuing children. In her book, Reckless Devotion, Heidi writes about the key to her success in life and ministry. It wasn’t striving on her own strength but rather thriving by the Spirit. Instead of pushing herself to the limit, she started immersing herself in the presence of God – it was from His presence that she was filled and overflowing. And it was from there, that her ministry exploded exponentially.

To learn more about Heidi and her ministry follow these links: Heidi and Iris Ministry

Gold Digger #2: Sid Roth

Sid Roth has a powerful testimony about being set free from the bondage of New Age and coming into a saving relationship with Jesus Christ. Born a Jew, Sid’s passion is to share with fellow Jews that Jesus is the Messiah. In addition to his ministry, Messianic Vision, Sid also hosts, It’s Supernatural, a TV program that mentors believers by featuring guests who have “experienced extraordinary healings, miracles and personal encounters with God.” He opens each show saying, “Welcome to my world where its naturally supernatural” and often closes the show with a prayer for his audience to experience a supernatural life in Christ as well.

To learn more about Sid Roth and to watch It’s Supernatural follow this link: It’s Supernatural

Gold Digger #3: Kevin Zadai

During a routine surgery, Kevin Zadai met Jesus on the “other side”. He came out of that “near death” experience with a passion to share what Jesus taught him. He encourages us to cry out to God to align us for our divine assignment and to ask for access to all the resources, people and brilliant ideas needed to fulfill it. He shares that Satan’s best kept secret is that God has everything rigged in our favour. We just need to transform our way of thinking from defeat to victory. Kevin has written several books, hosts both Warrior Notes and The Secret Place and has an online school.

To learn more about Kevin and to watch his inspiring programs follow this link: Kevin

Gold Digger #4: Kris Vallotton

Kris Vallotton came from a broken childhood. His father passed away when he was only 3 and his step fathers were distant and unkind. When his mom became very sick, 15 year old Kris cried out to God to heal her and promised if He did he would follow Him all his days. The rest is history. He has dedicated his life to calling out the gold in others. Kris is founder and director of a school of ministry, an international speaker and author of several inspiring books including, The Supernatural Ways of Royalty where he shares about our identity as children of the King and heirs to His eternal Kingdom.

To learn more about Kris and to hear his podcasts follow this link: Kris

Gold Digger #5: Steve and Wendy Backlund

Steve and Wendy Backlund describe themselves as once being “hopeless, joyless, pastors in the middle of the dessert.” Now they live hope-filled lives of joy and influence. Their passion is to share the keys to their hope-filled lives through their ministry, Igniting Hope. They remind their audiences that since God is a God of hope, any thought that we have that is not hope-filled is not from Him. Instead of worrying – which is imagining our future without God – they encourage us to instead imagine our future with God.

To learn more about the Backlunds and to check out their resources, click here: Igniting Hope

So glad you had this opportunity of getting to know these amazing “Gold Diggers.” I hope you get to check them out further so YOU can further be encouraged in knowing your true identity and destiny as children of the King.


With Jesus’ overflowing love, a great big hug, and a genuine smile,


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