Need a Dose of Good News? (Here are 5 Sources to Check Out)

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We are living in the midst of unprecedented times. There’s all kinds of pandemonium going on around the world. And, depending on the source of information, we can be led to either discouragement or encouragement. Not sure about you (I could take a pretty good guess, though), but I know I am all for as much encouragement as I can get!

I’d love to share with you some HOPE-filled news sources that I have found encouraging to watch. And by the end of the article, you will discover that even in the midst of chaos there is always HOPE when current events are seen in light of the bigger picture. Ready? Let’s dive in!

Good News Source #1: CBN News

CBN (aka The Christian Broadcasting Network) has been around for 60+ years and is the Good News source I have known about for the longest. My main way of hearing their Christian World News is via the 700 Club. I always love watching the 700 Club for its testimonies and enjoy hearing the world news tucked within the show as it comes from a Christian perspective.

More recently in 2018, CBN introduced CBN News which provides daily news updates from a number of programs based on “Christian Values and an understanding of issues and events from a biblical perspective.” Some of these programs include: News Watch, Christian World News, Faithwire, Jerusalem Dateline, Faith Nation, and The Daily Rundown.

“Tracking the work of the Holy Spirit around the world.”

CBN News

You can learn more about CBN News by checking out their site here: CBN News and by downloading their app!

Good News Source #2: Centerpoint

TBN (aka Trinity Broadcasting Newtwork) just recently launched a daily news broadcast called Centerpoint on March 28 of this year (2022). They did this in response to the changing times where there is more censorship and bias in mainstream media. TBN wanted a news source where Christians can be aware of current world events with a biblical perspective – so that its audience can know what is happening in the world while also receiving HOPE in the process.

Hosted by Doug McKelway, Erick Stakelbeck, and Blynda Lane, Centerpoint’s goal is to “equip viewers with understanding on the issues of the day, and how they impact you, your faith, and your world.” Check out Centerpoint at 7:30 pm ET weekdays on TBN.

“Bringing you up to speed on the news with a level head and a Christian worldview perspective.”


You can learn more about Centerpoint and watch their programs here: Centerpoint

Good News Source #3: Victory Channel

VICTORY Channel, birthed in 2015, has on-air and on-demand programming 24/7 that “fills the airways with hope and healing from the Word of God.” Two of its programs do so by sharing current news in light of God’s Word.

VICTORY News brings daily news that can be “trusted and delivered in a spirit of faith.” By its name alone, you know that after watching VICTORY News you won’t be walking away defeated but rather encouraged and empowered. You can tune in every weekday at 12 p.m. ET and 5 p.m. ET.

The other news show, FlashPoint, shares how prophecy and current events are aligning to bring about God’s plans and purposes. I love how host Gene Bailey, along with the regular contributors Mario Murillo, Hank Kunneman and Lance Wallnau, approach current issues with ENCOURAGING evidence, words of LIFE and HOPE-filled prayer. Check FlashPoint out every Tuesday and Thursday at 8 p.m. ET.

“Jesus is Lord”

Victory Channel

You can learn more about VICTORY Channel’s news programs here: VICTORY News and FlashPoint

Good News Source #4: Liftable TV

Liftable TV is a newer media platform launched last May (2021) also in response to increased censorship and main stream media propaganda. Its focus is, “News, Faith and Lifestyle” and it hosts well known and diverse Christian voices who have the common factor of a Biblical worldview. As evidenced by its name, Liftable TV’s desire is to honor God and encourage its audience with HOPE-filled programs.

Some of its news programs include The Underground with Lance Wallnau, Washington Watch, The Christian View, Mornings On The Dove, The Todd Starne’s Show and PIJN News. All have the commonality of bringing Biblical wisdom to current cultural issues emphasizing truth-centered news.

“Truth is absolute and does matter. “


You can learn more about Liftable TV and its Current Events programs here: LIFTABLEtv and News

Good News Source #5: Faytene.TV

As a Canadian I appreciate Faytene.TV. The weekly program, hosted by Faytene Grasseschi, speaks directly to the current issues shaping Canada from a faith perspective. Faytene has been an “humanitarian and advocacy worker since 1997” and “is regarded as a voice on social justice issues both at Parliament and grass roots forums across Canada.” The goal of her show is to make the audience aware of current events and how to respond as believers.

She interviews many of “Canada’s strongest voices” concerning the issues at hand while seeking to equip believers to take action without just accepting everything that takes place. Its a source of good news as Faytene interviews believers who speak truth to the situations at hand to show us that we aren’t alone and are able to take steps to see things change for the good.

“Together we can build a better Canada for the future.”


You can learn more about Faytene.TV by checking out her website here: Faytene.TV


Like a pearl diver, sometimes you just have to dive a little deeper to find what you are looking for: TRUTH-Based and HOPE-Filled News. Thankfully if you dive deep enough you will discover the hidden pearls out there. Above, are just a few of several Good News sources that won’t leave you depressed and down and out.

As its so imperative to fill our minds with TRUTH and HOPE, I’d love for you to check out the faith based news sources laid out in this post (and even look for more) so that you can be daily encouraged and challenged to take bold steps of faith to see this world change for the good.

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Thanks for tuning in today! Praying you are encouraged in Jesus’ Name.

With His overflowing love, a great big hug and a genuine smile,


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