Start Your Own Blog Easily! (A Product Review)

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Hi Friends!

I believe in you! I believe God has amazing plans for you! I believe that for many of you this may include having your own blog!

For years I had the desire to write. I had people encourage me in this way and some even suggested I start a blog. The reality was, I had no idea where or how to begin. It wasn’t until my friend shared with me about Start A Mom Blog, that I actually was able to pursue the desire.

Whatever your passion, niche or calling may be, you can start your own blog easily with the help of Suzi at

Blog By Number Course

Suzi Whitford created Start A Mom Blog specifically for moms so that they can learn how to start and grow their own blogs from home! Blog By Number Course is a step by step course created for moms so they can start a blog from scratch and grow it into a source of full income. Any mom, no matter their passion (cooking/organizing/skiing/painting/sewing/singing/reading/etc) is able to follow through and be effective.


You can start the step by step course any time and go through it at your own pace. Suzi has each step laid out according to Grade Level – starting from Pre-School all the way up through Grade 12. She begins by encouraging you to find your niche and then shows you how to set your blog up with a host and domain name. From there she teaches you how to write posts and as the grades increase gives more specific design and technical tips. She also shows how you can share your posts with the intentions of getting a large audience via Pinterest, SEO and Facebook. She includes teaching videos, templates and pdf documents.

I have found Suzi’s resources to be extremely helpful and easy to follow through. Since I am still only at the beginning of this journey and have lots of room for improvement, I will continue to refer back to her course for further guidance.

The only aspect of the course that I found a bit complicated, is the fact that Suzi recommends various sources to find different elements such as design tools and e-mail marketing. I am aware of website builders that include everything right in one place. Some people say its risky to have all aspects of your blog in one place, though, because if it goes down then everything goes down with it. So that’s likely why Suzi has chosen to share the various sources.

I have used this course as a guideline to set this blog up ( and to push me forward. At the same time, I also look at other blogs/websites that are within my niche or ministry to help me tweak my site according to my likes/desires/needs/style.


Overall, I found this course to be really helpful. Whether you want your blog as a form of income or just an avenue to share what is on your heart (or something in between), Start A Mom Blog Course will definitely be a valuable investment. With its step by step guidance you will easily be able to set up your own professional blog and build an audience in no time.

If you feel God has been leading you to share your heart with the world, click the button below and you can be on your way with just a few steps.

God bless you and use you for His glory! The world needs YOU – all your gifts and callings are light in the darkness and bring hope – JESUS!

With His overflowing love, a great big hug and a genuine smile,


P.S. If you just want to dip your toe in to first test the waters, here’s a freebie you can check out from Suzi at Start A Mom Blog:

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